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Tuesday, October 18, 2011

What is protecting your home?

The most common residential locks have cylinders that can be removed from the front of the lock. Properly, the retaining springs are accessed from the back of the lock after it is removed from the door, but that is not necessary. The only things holding the cylinder in the lock are the retaining springs; more specifically, the small projections from the spring seen in the photo near the rounded end of the springs.

Many locksmiths have tools designed to remove the cylinders from the front of the lock with minimal damage. Thieves have tools that can remove cylinders as well, but they don't care if the lock will work again or not. These springs have also been known to come loose from the sides of the cylinder housings where they are attached. If the cylinder is removed from the front of the lock, it can then be easily opened.

Is this type of lock design cheap and easy for the manufacturers to produce? - Yes. Is this type of lock design what you want to depend on to protect your self, your family, or your property? - No, but it is a common construction for the locks you will find at the hardware store.

To encourage homeowners to upgrade to locks of greater security design, Altic Lock Service is offering free installation of Arrow brand locks for a limited time when you replace cheap locks like these. Call 317-490-1469 for the details of this offer.

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