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Friday, April 29, 2011

Burglary Prevention Forum

The Marion County Prosecutor's Office Burglary Enforcement Strategy Team will be presenting a short burglary prevention forum at the Marion County Alliance of Neighborhood Associations' May 21 meeting at the North United Methodist Church, 3808 N. Meridian St, at 9 am.

We understand that this will be a shortened program compared to those sponsored, in part, by Altic Lock Service last year, but we will be there and are sure you will gain knowledge that could keep you from becoming a victim of crime.

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Consumer Reports to test locks

Consumer Reports will have a special home-security package on-line and at the newsstands in early May. The report will include door lock tests.

Stanley Security Solutions announces Best lock recall

Consumer Product Safety Commission Recall Alert:

March 9, 2011
Alert #11-725

Stanley Security Solutions Announces Recall of Door Locksets; Failure of Latches Could Lead to Entrapment in an Emergency

 This is for general information. We are happy to say that Altic Lock Service does not carry and has not sold any of the locks included in this recall.