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Thursday, December 18, 2014

Plenty of Glass, But They Still Kick In the Door

Another break-in caught on tape. Glass panel door, but they still kick it in.

Another Break-in Video.

Again, a couple of kicks to the door and they are in. Altic Lock Service recommends the Door Devil to protect your home from this very common method of entry.

Lessons from a Break-in

There are many lessons to be learned from this break-in.

First, with all that glass there, the burglars still opted for kicking in a door. By far, that is the most common method of illegal entry.

Second, alarms and videos are all well and good, but they do nothing to prevent break-ins.

Third, burglars are in and out before police can respond.

Fourth, the quality of the locks on the door makes little difference - it was the door jamb that gave way.

Fifth, the most effective single step you can take to prevent break-ins is to reinforce the door frame in order to prevent, or at least slow down, a break-in attempt or home invasion. That is why we carry and heartily recommend the Door Devil.

Broad Ripple Homeowner Records Real-Time Video of Burglars

Sunday, November 16, 2014

Proud to be contributing on Angie's List

"Barry Campbell is the owner of Altic Lock Service, which offers locksmith services in Indianapolis. Since 2005, they have specialized in rekeys, repairs, lock installations and more.
Campbell is a regular contributor to the Angie's List Experts Contributor Program."

Monday, September 8, 2014

Security Concerns Over Cyber Locksmiths

With just a couple photos of your key, a growing number of websites are offering to make a copy of your key. Unfortunately, there is no way for these businesses to verify that the person who sends in the images is authorized to have a duplicate key made. They say they can track who ordered the keys, but to prosecute someone who has had keys made to someone else's property, the police would have to know where to look. See the story at

What can you do? Altic Lock Service advises you to use great care with the handling of your keys. Keep them in your pocket or purse. When you take your car in for service, leave only the car key, not the whole key ring that includes your home or office key. The locks we carry use standard replacement cylinders, so you can use less common keyways. Almost all locks sold at hardware stores use one of only a couple of different keyways. The shape of the head of the key will often identify the keyway. We prefer to use neuter-bow keys because the keyway cannot be determined simply by looking at the head of the key. You don't need to spend money on high-security or restricted keyways. Just using less common key blanks will thwart most unauthorized key copiers. Many local hardwares have difficulty identifying the key blanks even when they have them in hand.

Sunday, June 1, 2014

Getting Locked Out by Your Schlage® Locks?

If you have Schlage® locks, you have noticed they will allow you to open the door from the inside while they remain locked. This is considered a "panic-free" design. Great for when you have to get out in an emergency - you don't have to fumble with the lock to get out quickly, but as many have realized - if you're not careful, you can easily get locked out. We appreciate the business these locks provide - a simple trip to the mailbox or a quick walk with the dog can often leave someone locked out if they didn't realize the knob was still in the locked position. But Altic Lock Service can fix this! We can change the operation of the lock so that when the interior knob is turned, the exterior knob will unlock. The lock itself, does not need to be replaced. A small price to pay to prevent accidentally locking yourself out of the house!

Saturday, May 31, 2014

Locked Out by a Kwikset® SmartKey™ Lock?

Generally, when someone is locked out of their home, a locksmith can pick the lock or perform some other bypass technique without causing any damage to the lock. The Kwikset® SmartKey™ locks changed this a bit. They are nearly impossible to pick, which you might think is a good thing, but their design opened up a number of vulnerabilities not found with the standard pin tumbler style lock it replaced. Unfortunately, many of the bypass techniques used to defeat the new locks would cause some damage, so it is not unusual for a locksmith to resort to drilling out Kwikset® SmartKey™ locks. Other bypass techniques might not leave any apparent damage, but would damage internal components of the lock so that, while the original key might still operate the lock, it could no longer be rekeyed. Fortunately, Altic Lock Service has the tools, knowledge, and ability to open these locks with NO damage! These locks are readily identifiable by the small slot visible next to the keyway. 
Kwikset® SmartKey

If you are locked out, and have these kinds of locks, call us for a damage-free opening that won't require replacing the lock. Better yet, call us now to replace these with reasonably priced, higher quality locks!

Sunday, May 11, 2014

Ten Reasons to Choose Altic Lock Service

There are more, but here are 10 reasons you should call Altic Lock Service for your home or business security concerns: 10 Reasons to Choose Altic Lock Service . We serve Indianapolis and surrounding communities from Franklin to Noblesville, and Danville to Greenfield.