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Sunday, October 30, 2011

Locksmith Sentenced to 60 Days

The Capitol reports a locksmith in Maryland has received a 60 day criminal sentence for theft from his customers. The report states, "officials found that Horton quoted one person $85 to unlock a car, then charged $1,056. In another incident, Horton gave no quote, then charged $953 to unlock a truck. In yet another case, Horton charged $4,348 to drill and replace a lock and deadbolt, officials with the Attorney General's Office said."

Similar scams have been reported across the country, though few cases actually make it to court, and they are more often treated as civil cases, rather than criminal. This is one reason why it is important to find a legitimate locksmith you can trust before you find yourself in an emergency situation, vulnerable to vultures like the "locksmith" in Maryland. To help you locate a legitimate locksmith, the Society of Professional Locksmiths has a list on their site. Altic Lock Service is a member of the Society. Barry Campbell, Owner of Altic Lock Service is Managing Director of the Society.Altic Lock Service publishes its basic prices on its website.

If you believe you may have been taken advantage of, by someone posing as a professional locksmith, the Society of Professional Locksmiths offers invoice audit and estimate evaluation services, as well.

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