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Saturday, May 31, 2014

Locked Out by a Kwikset® SmartKey™ Lock?

Generally, when someone is locked out of their home, a locksmith can pick the lock or perform some other bypass technique without causing any damage to the lock. The Kwikset® SmartKey™ locks changed this a bit. They are nearly impossible to pick, which you might think is a good thing, but their design opened up a number of vulnerabilities not found with the standard pin tumbler style lock it replaced. Unfortunately, many of the bypass techniques used to defeat the new locks would cause some damage, so it is not unusual for a locksmith to resort to drilling out Kwikset® SmartKey™ locks. Other bypass techniques might not leave any apparent damage, but would damage internal components of the lock so that, while the original key might still operate the lock, it could no longer be rekeyed. Fortunately, Altic Lock Service has the tools, knowledge, and ability to open these locks with NO damage! These locks are readily identifiable by the small slot visible next to the keyway. 
Kwikset® SmartKey

If you are locked out, and have these kinds of locks, call us for a damage-free opening that won't require replacing the lock. Better yet, call us now to replace these with reasonably priced, higher quality locks!

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