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Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Door Devil (tm) Installation

Altic Lock Service highly recommends the Door Devil (tm) Security Kit. The best locks will not prevent a forced entry if the door jamb fails. Jamb reinforcement, alone, will not prevent forced entry if the door edge fails. With the lock-side of the door reinforced, the last vulnerable area is the hinge-side of the door - the Door Devil package covers that as well. With decent locks (in other words, not the vanity locks offered by the home improvement stores) and proper reinforcement of the weak areas of the door, the door and will will act as a single unit - deterring all but the most persistent criminals. Burglars prefer an easy target. Don't be easy prey!

The following photos are of a recent installation. The door was located at the back of the house, leading into the garage. It's location offered ideal seclusion for would-be thieves.The door had been recently installed and had all the weaknesses of the typical pre-hung door installation. The lock strikes and hinges were all mounted with 3/4" screws, meaning they were attached to only soft wood trim pieces, not to the wall framing of the home.

The Door Devil includes a 4 foot length of 16 gauge steel, a door edge shield, two hinge-jamb posts, 3-1/2" mounting screws for the jamb reinforcement, three 3" screws to replace existing hinge screws, and plates to reinforce the jamb at the hinge posts. The parts are powder-coated white, but can be painted if desired.

Existing Unreinforced Door

Jamb reinforcement installed
View from inside
Door shield installed

Door shield as viewed from outside

Hinge posts installed

Hinge post and plate
Reinforced door as viewed from outside
Finished interior view

When finished, there is little visible evidence of the amount of reinforcement that has been added to the door, yet with 3 and 3-1/2" screws tying the hinges and jamb reinforcement to the structural wall framing and the door edge protected at the deadbolt, the door and wall will act as a virtual single unit, greatly reducing the chance that anyone can force the door; greatly reducing the chance of anyone violating the sanctity of your home.

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