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Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Why have Altic Lock rekey your home or business?

   Rekeying your locks is essential to maintaining key control and access control to your home or business. Whether you have lost a key, had your keys stolen, dismissed a key-carrying employee, or simply don't know for sure who may have keys to your home or business; rekeying restores security.

   Wouldn't it be cheaper to replace the locks? If your time is of little value, you could go to a hardware store and buy cheap locks that may cost less than it would cost to have a professional locksmith rekey your current locks. That would have to include the time and labor to actually replace the locks. When you install the locks, do you know how the lock must be aligned for the deadlatch to operate correctly or for the bolt to extend in order to actually lock in place? When Altic Lock Service rekeys your locks, we check these things, as well as remove any master pins that may be in your current locks. We can identify potential problems, and can often increase security and prevent future problems without replacing the locks.

   Given the value of the people and property you are endeavoring to protect, isn't it worth making sure it is done right? Unfortunately, the latest residential lock offerings at the home stores are of questionable design. Do some research online for customer complaints to see what we mean. In our opinion, the newest locks from the largest lock manufacturers found at the home stores are more toys than locks. While basic pin-tumbler locks have their shortcomings, those of the new "rekeyable" locks are much worse.

   With regard to commercial locks, the cost of a quality commercial-grade lock far exceeds the cost of a rekey. Altic Lock can also advise you on ADA and fire code compliance issues that may save you money in the long run.

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