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Sunday, March 27, 2011

Society of Professional Locksmiths Press Release

Area Locksmith Has Been Accepted Into International Locksmith Organization

Press Release


Area Locksmith Has Been Accepted Into International Locksmith Organization

Indianapolis, IN – 3/27/11 – Barry Campbell – Altic Lock Service has been accepted into the
Society of Professional Locksmiths, an international network of locksmiths dedicated to
staying on the cutting edge in an ever- changing industry.

By joining the Society, Campbell has access to a vast database of locksmith information, a
global network of experienced professionals and an online continuing education system
that helps him keep his skills sharp while providing a much needed service to his

“Membership has its privileges; by joining Campbell now has access to years of valuable
experience of locksmiths and security professionals from around the globe. We value each
member and support their professional development with continued educational resources,
training and peer review.” SOPL founder Tom Lynch said.

The Society of Professional Locksmiths is a collaboration of security professionals whose
members strive to implement forward-thinking initiatives through education, networking and
benevolent support.

Members benefit from rapid communication and response to their needs and desires from peer
support and project development.

Contact Society of Professional Locksmiths contributing Director of Operations, Tom Lynch, CRL

at or telephone 845-445-8238 for more details.

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